Ayurveda May everyone be happy!
"May everyone be happy.
May everyone be free of infirmity
and be strong and healthy.
May everyone care for the wellbeing of others
and I too want to bring goodness to others.
May no one know any suffering
May no one have any suffering."


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The following books, lecture transcripts and articles are currently being prepared for publication in English:

- The Laws of Happy Life. Book Two: “The Mighty Powers of the Universe”

From the “ABC’s of Success” lecture series
- Success in Purification of Consciousness
- Success in Business and Collaboration

From the “Science of Life” lecture series
- Healing with Stones
- The Connection between Character and Diseases

From the “Laws of the Universe” lecture series
- The Power of Benevolence
- The Power of Passion

From the “Happy Family Life” lecture series
- Happy Family Life

O.G. Torsunov
Dr. Oleg Torsunov
is an internationally renowned medical doctor (MD) and psychologist who has helped thousands of people worldwide through his clinical treatment methods, articles, books and lectures.
Dr. Torsunov graduated from medical school in Samara, Russia with a specialization in dermatovenereology.  He graduated from Moscow University with a specialization in corporal acupuncture.

LectureFrom a young age, Dr. Torsunov was compelled to develop more effective means for treating people unable to cure themselves through conventional treatment methods.  Years of scientific research and study into both conventional and alternative forms of medicine, resulted in Dr. Torsunov’s development of unique and highly effective treatment methods and techniques that have cured thousands of patients with great success.


TorsunovDr. Torsunov’s individualized methods for treatment and diagnosis of diseases, have been approved by the Russian Ministry of Public Health. His proprietary lithoreflexotherapy methods (treatment with semiprecious and precious stones and minerals) are highly effective in the treatment of almost all chronic diseases and are without  analogues throughout the world.

In addition to his clinical research activities, Dr. Torsunov devotes a significant portion of his time to giving public lectures that provide knowledge on how to live happy, healthy lives based on time-tested precepts. TorsunovHis lectures and seminars have helped thousands of people worldwide to overcome significant impediments to happiness such as depression, family conflicts and chronic health problems.

Dr. Torsunov is also a prolific author. He has published many scientific works, as well as books and articles for wider audiences on topics related to alternative medicine. Books and lectures by Dr. Torsunov are available for free download at the following link...


For information on how to receive treatment at Dr. Torsunov’s Center in Krasnodar, Russia, please visit the following link...