Ayurveda May everyone be happy!
"May everyone be happy.
May everyone be free of infirmity
and be strong and healthy.
May everyone care for the wellbeing of others
and I too want to bring goodness to others.
May no one know any suffering
May no one have any suffering."

Books and Articles by Dr. Torsunov

The following books, lecture transcripts and articles are currently available for download in English. More material will be available in the near future. Please feel free to circulate and make copies of all posted materials.
New lecture transcripts and articles:

- The Psychological Hardships of Modern Life.

- What is Time, the Daily Regimen.

- Life in Ignorance. Life in Passion.

- Overcoming Stress

- Success in Business and Collaboration

- Success in Work

- Success in Purification of Consciousness

- Raising Children

- Success in Family Life

- How to Treat the Flu

- Healing with Stones

- Success in Renunciation

- Success in Studies


- How to reveal your vocation - draft

- Don't rob yourself - draft

- Yoga of the Rational Mind - The Structure of the Rational Mind. -draft.

- Influence of Rahu on the Character - draft.

- Mercury. - draft.



- The Laws of Happy Life, Book 1: “The Power of Time”. Buy the full version of this book here.

- The Laws Of Happy Family Life



- The Subtle Body and Law of Karma

- Healthy Jewelry

- Your Absolute Diet

- The Best Time for Meals

At present, other books by Dr. Torsunov are only available in Russian at: www.torsunov.ru

The following books, lecture transcripts and articles are currently being prepared for publication in English:

- How to Treat the Flu, Colds and Atypical Pneumonia Fast and with Remedies at Hand
- The Laws of Happy Life. Book Two: “The Mighty Powers of the Universe”
- Raising Children


From the “ABC’s of Success” lecture series
- Success in Family Life

From the “Science of Life” lecture series
- Healing with Stones
- The Connection between Character and Diseases

From the “Laws of the Universe” lecture series
- The Power of Benevolence
- The Power of Passion

From the “Happy Family Life” lecture series
- Happy Family Life

We are currently in search of volunteers to assist us with the following work:

Translation of lecture transcripts and articles from Russian to English – REQUIRED: Russian speakers with a high level of proficiency in English

Editing of materials translated into English – REQUIRED: volunteers with native to near-native proficiency in English (knowledge of Russian not mandatory)

Dubbing of audio lectures into English – REQUIRED: volunteers with native to near-native spoken English (knowledge of Russian required)

Subtitling of Russian Video Clips – REQUIRED: Russian speakers with an intermediate level of English proficiency and skills/experience in subtitling video files.

If you are able to assist us, please contact: perevod@torsunov.ru





Conferencias del Dr. Oleg Torsunov en español

- Anatomía de la actividad pecaminosa

- Primer enemigo del ser humano

- Segundo enemigo del ser humano

- El tercer enemigo del ser humano

- El cuarto enemigo del ser humano

- El quinto enemigo del ser humano

- El sexto enemigo del ser humano

- La vida en la bondad revision

- Por qué las familias se rompen


Conférences du Dr Oleg Torsunov en français

Les lois de la vie heureuse - 1