Ayurveda May everyone be happy!
"May everyone be happy.
May everyone be free of infirmity
and be strong and healthy.
May everyone care for the wellbeing of others
and I too want to bring goodness to others.
May no one know any suffering
May no one have any suffering."

Clubs of Goodness

MANDATE: To provide a forum for people interested in Dr. Torsunov’s books and lectures, to meet/get to know one another.

Clubs of Goodness are non-denominational and open to all sincere seekers, i.e. no faith is advocated over another. Club activities may include, but not be limited to, informal vegetarian potlucks, listening to Vedic lectures, or just visiting the outdoors in good company.

If you are interested in attending informal get-togethers with others studying Dr. Torsunov’s books and lectures, please contact your nearest Club contact person. If you would like to be an organiser of a Club in your city, please contact: Anya perevod@torsunov.ru


Toronto: Anya perevod@torsunov.ru
Montreal: Larissa: lorashka@hotmail.com
Detroit: Vitaliy: vitaliyg@gmail.com